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Striving to offer the best quality and innovation in alkaline water production

At KODI Water Ionizers we love health and well being as much as you. That is why we developed the latest in alkaline water technology and water filtration to our customers who want the best for their family and a company they can depend on. Our alkaline water ionizers are very functional and easy to operate, ensuring you are obtaining filtered, clean water at your selected level of alkaline water straight from the tap to your glass.

Lets start the journey to better health together with the use of alkaline water.

KODI ALKALINE WATER - Quality Assurance Process

At KODI Water Ionizers, we take quality assurance seriously. All KODI alkaline water ionizers go through our four step QC process to ensure our customers receive the best quality machine

Alkaline Water Production

Our alkaline water ionizers produce a large pH range of filtered water. For alkaline water, KODI alkaline water ionizers offer 4 levels of selected pH alkaline water, set by the owner. One level of pH neutral filter water is available as well as 3 levels of acidic water, set by the owner

Smart Language Options

Each KODI alkaline water ionizers offers 8 different audio programmable languages. These audio languages are Korean, English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Audio levels can also be adjusted to the owners requirements

Alkaline Water Ionizer Plates

When it comes to electrolysis plates, there is a choice between 7 or 11 Plate alkaline water ionizers. Our King Size ionizer plates are mesh titanium material with platinum coating, which provide a better outcome than solid plates. With the plates controlled by the SMPS Power System, it produces the best combination 

Filtered Alkaline Water

When it comes to alkaline water filtration, we have you covered. All KODI alkaline water ionizers come with Dual Filtration with filter media such as Biostone, Vitamin C Balls and activated carbon. Our replacement filters are easy to remove and very affordable to maintain.

Alkaline Water - Delivery

At KODI, we believe in value and ensuring our customers receive value for money when they decide to purchase any of our KODI alkaline water ionizers. Free Delivery is included across Australia with any of our 7 or 11 Plate alkaline water ionizers.

Premium Alkaline Water At Home

Choose the benefits of alkaline and molecular hydrogen water, straight from the tap to your glass. Nothing beats KODI Alkaline Water.

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alkaline water ionizer

Platinum Titanium Plates

Our Alkaline Water Ionizers come with Extra Large 99% Pure Platinum Titanium Plates as standard inclusion. Maximum surface area = Maximum pH Potential. Get the best outcome from the KODI Water Ionizers

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