About Us

At KODI IONIZERS, we have a passion about health and believe in the benefits of alkaline water and what it can provide to the human body. As Alkaline Water in its natural form is unlikely to find itself to your fridge if you live in Sydney or Melbourne for example, the closest thing to alkaline water found from a stream is by creating alkaline water through an electronic alkaline water ionizer. 

At KODI, we looked at different alkaline water ionizers on the market, looked at the good and the bad and come up with what we believe the best alkaline water ionizer for its value and still provide the benefits of alkaline water at the touch of a button.

We are Australian as much as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and wanted to provide a service to Australian customers by providing the latest in alkaline water ionizer technology with full backup local support. So if you are in the market for a Alkaline Water Ionizer in Australia, have a look at KODI IONIZERS. 

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