Alkaline Water and Blood pH

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Alkaline Water and Blood ph, What is the Link?

In the alkaline water health industry you will see a lot of commentary and articles about alkaline water and its effects on blood pH. Some will say the human body regulates itself the pH level of the blood between 7.35 and 7.45 and no matter what you put in your body it wont change it. So before we go down the path to explain this theory is right or wrong, lets look at how the human body regulates the pH of blood.

Blood pH, The Human Body

The human body controls the blood pH levels in three ways. 

Breath -Overuse of CO2 within the body. Your breath will exhale excessive Co2 levels if your body reaches excessive levels, this is when you feel out of breath and exhausted.

Urine- Actual pH level of your urine is very important and this is linked to Alkaline Water and its benefits of ensuring your urine pH does not drop. Excessive acid levels will be discharged through the urine if the body is overwhelmed. Your urine will be become chronically acidic. 

Bone – If both CO2 and acidic urine levels are overwhelmed, the last back up system in the body is the bones. The body will start to steal calcium levels from the bones.

If all three systems fail within the body, metabolic acidosis occurs which is a symptom of acid levels in the body and not achieving the desired level of pH in the blood. 

Does Alkaline Water have an effect on Blood pH?

A recent study which was published in the Research of Sports Medicine Journal 2014 in 2014, conducted a study on 52 healthy active males. 26 males received the hydrogen rich water, while the other 26 males received normal tap water. The study was a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial. The study found that after post exercise , the ph level in the blood increased by 0.07 in the males that drank hydrogen rich water compared to tap water.

Drinking normal pH level of water such as what you find from the tap in your home, had no effect on blood pH levels.


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