Alkaline Water Ionizers - Dont Pay Over $3000

You Dont Have To Spend A Fortune On Your Health

“Each day I start with a glass of alkaline ionized water from my KODI Alkaline water ionizer. I know it is the best source of alkaline water I get get to the real thing from a mineral natural spring”

alkaline water ionizer

Why Spend $3000 on an Alkaline Water Ionizer?

You may be looking at one or two brands with awesome looking features that you may not need or your sold on the marketing spin some of these brands talk about such as Hydrogen rich water etc. In reality most alkaline water ionizers work on the same fundamentals. Water passes through a series of filters, either one or two depending on the brand of alkaline water ionizer then pass through a chamber of plates that creates alkaline water through electrolysis by energising the plates within the chamber. 

Why do companies charge over $3000 for an Alkaline Water Ionizer?

Each brand will have some slight differences in the quality of the plates and how each machines cleans the plates, however when it comes to differences in price, spending more than $3000 on a, 7 Plate, 9 Plate or 11 Plate alkaline water ionizer is down right crazy. I can tell you straight up, there is no way the cost difference between one brand and another is more than $1000 in value. It simply is not there. Only 13 Plates and above alkaline water ionizers are more than $3000.00, not 7 or 9 Plate Alkaline Water Ionizers.

When it comes to Alkaline Water Ionizers , the biggest costs in the alkaline water ionizer is the plate chamber and the SMPS Power System. These make up the largest costs of the machine. So if a machine has a tiny 200 Watt or less SMPS power system and is more expensive than something with 450 watts, i would be asking really why should i pay more. 

Alkaline Water Ionizer Plates

Always ensure the plates are manufactured from titanium grade material and dipped with platinum, not sprayed. Last but not least the on going costs of your alkaline water ionizer is not going to cost you equivalent of another alkaline water ionizer in 10 years. Ensure the replacement filters cost less than $100, otherwise its too much and the company is making good money from you.

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