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So you just got your alkaline water ionizer home and want to achieve the highest pH level it can possibly produce? Manufacturers usually display a range of pH that the alkaline water ionizer can achieve, however this is always a guide and can never be guaranteed. The reason is the output pH from your alkaline water ionizer is dependent on the local water source within that area. Water can vary from water containments within the same city. Alkaline Water ionizer pH levels are dependent on the hardness of the water and minerals found in the water. A common example of this is rain water. Rain water contains very little minerals and mostly found to be called soft water. When rain water is run through an alkaline water ionizer, usually the output will be between 1 and 1.5 pH lower than town water. So how do you improve the pH from your alkaline water?

First Method – Decrease Flow Rate

The simplest way to increase your pH level from your alkaline water ionizer is to slow down the flow rate. This sometimes can be tricky as some alkaline water ionizers require a minimum flow rate to work. So to try this method, try slowing down the flow rate from your water source. You should see an increase in the pH level.

Second Method – Increase Amperage of the Power System

This method can only be achieved if your alkaline water ionizer has the ability to increase its amperage settings. Some alkaline water ionizers dont have this function. If your alkaline water ionizer has this function, increase the amperage to the highest level.

Third Option – Adding Coral Calcium Powder

This option can be very economical to improve the pH level of your alkaline water. This really is only used if you wish to achieve high pH for the use of cleaning vegetables or use the high pH water around the house for cleaning. It is not advisable to drink. Coral Calcium powder can be found online and very affordable. Just add a teaspoon to your already high pH alkaline water from your alkaline water ionizer.

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