Things You Should Consider Before Buying An Alkaline Water Ionizer?

POWER- Alkaline Water Ionizers

When it comes to producing high pH for alkaline water and low pH for acidic water it all starts with the power. Power is required to turn normal tapware into high or low pH through the plates within the cell. Electrolysis creates the two streams of water when it passes through the electric charged plates. So many low priced Alkaline Water Ionizers have less than 200 watts of power to power the plates. 

You should look for an alkaline water ionizer brand that has at least 450 watts of power because not all water is the same when it comes out of the tap, therefore a machine will perform differently from city to city. For example water from Brisbane will be different to Perth, therefore the same machine will produce different results. Choose an alkaline water ionizer that has the capacity to use extra power when required and also have the ability to increase or decrease the amperage setting to compensate the differences in the water.


alkaline water

Ensure the alkaline water ionizer uses a SMPS Power System to regulate the power required to generate alkaline water from the plates within the water ionizer. 

PLATES- Alkaline Water Ionizers

When it comes to plates inside an alkaline water ionizer, every alkaline water ionizer brand has their own reasons for installing selected style of plates. Some are solid while some offer mesh or grid style plates. Some alkaline water ionizer brands offer small plates inside the electrolysis chamber, while other alkaline water ionizer brands offer larger plates. 

When it comes to plate styles, mesh or grid style plates offer a large surface area compared to a solid plate. Most alkaline water ionizer or alkaline water filter brands that offer solid plates only will always make excuses why grid or mesh plates are inferior. One of the most famous misleading comments about mesh plates is that they are inferior to solid plates and will burn out faster. This is nothing but further from the true as most grid or mesh plate manufacturers will offer a longer warranty on the plates  compared to alkaline water ionizer companies that offer solid plates. 

When it comes to materials used for plates, you need to look for titanium manufactured plates dipped in platinum. Some alkaline water ionzier brands offer plates that are coated or sprayed with platinum. Always choose dipped platinum plates on titanium. 

Does size matter? The larger the plate size the more surface area it provides to product alkaline water. Ensure your alkaline water ionizer has at least 125mm x 60mm in size.

Alkaline Water Filtration

Filtered water is always best right? So when choosing your next alkaline water ionizer, make sure it simply does not just produce alkaline or acid water, ensure it also can provide filtered water with ultimate filters. Some alkaline water ionizer brands only offer a single filter with their water ionizers, ensure your next purchase provides dual filtration which can give you the best filtered water for your body.

Read the specifications of the filters and ensure they use Vitamin C and Biostone to filter the water. Also ensure your ongoing costs of replacing the alkaline water filters is not going to cost you a fortune down the road. So many alkaline water filter companies over charge their loyal customers with crazy prices of $100 – $250 for a replacement cartridge. We find this outrageous, and profit grabbing. Ensure your replacement alkaline water filter cartridges don’t cost more than $100.  Water filters don’t need to cost the earth on an ongoing basis. 

Alkaline Water IONIZER Functionality

When it comes to using your alkaline water ionizer, you want it to be user friendly and functional to use. So many alkaline water ionizer brands have very old user interfaces on their front panels. Ensure the alkaline water ionizer you have selected is easy to read, easy to use and gives you what you want to know on the LCD screen such as pH and -ORP levels as well as how long you have left with your filters. 

Dont buy an alkaline water ionizer machine which the LCD screen looks like it was manufactured in the 1990’s. Choose a full colour LCD screen that is easy to read.

Wanting Under Counter Installation? Ensure your alkaline water ionizer brand has the option of a under counter installation. This will enable you to install the alkaline water ionizer under the sink and have the function of the machine at your finger tips with an electronic stainless steel tap. This opition can always be added later by the better brands in alkaline water ionization.

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